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World cup 2009 London and films

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Icc world cup 2009 is in london starting in june 2009.

I will be at the oval ground supporting pakistan.

The match is against england and england should have qualified by 7th june 2009 after beating netherlands so i think they can rest players for the pakistan game. I am hoping for competitive game but hopefully be able to see teams going through as expected in the group that england and pakistan are in.

I will be trying tweet from the ground but i will write my own stuff for printing on word press. My match reviews of scotland vs south africa and pakistan vs england from the oval will put out on word press later that night hopefully.

I expect a bit of trouble in this tournament while i have my death threat and i expect someone to hit me in the back and front of my body and head.

Any person can comment on my match reports and my films reviews of terminator 4.

I have watched night at museum 2 – its a good film if you like the original, monsters vs aliens another good film, fast and furious 4 a good film which can be lots of times, the marvel film wolverine and star trek were excellent movies which will make loads of money for their studios. I look forward to the sequels of these five movies.

The star trek point is this timeline has been destroyed they need to reconnect the time line in relation spock’s 2nd mother, vulcan, kiss stuff from the tv series in 60s, romulus being destroyed can be prevented, all of the captains can appear in one off to explain the time line coming back together in some kind of Q battle through time where the enterprise and federation battle fleet are sent forward to romulus before destruction from the new star trek movie so its go round in a loop. Then Q would reset the time line to what it was and that would explain the tv series in the 60s.  

Wolverine apparently going to japan in the next movie to train and look forward to xavier coming into the film plus others to explain x-men connecton.

Fast and furious 5 expect the car companies to go into bankrupcty and dom to save them by his driving past the white house so if the guy manages to avoid the secret service , the car manufacturer gets the bailout without going into bankruptcy as the president is impressed enough to let the car company carry on thanks to the stunts done avoiding the secret service.


UK Code of Conduct

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Labour’s new code of conduct law.

Having seen the various mps claim for non existant mortgages whether by accident or bad luck or bad financial management, claiming for other things which are cost more than most people would claim for an item at a local store.

I think the code of conduct should apply to councillors, assembly members and mps and any elected person.

With an unelected people such as advisers for the prime minister, they should also fall into the same category.

I would like allowances system scrapped, pay rises with inflation, at some point mps will get their salaries aligned to some particular job function which is not like chairman of bp job but some other type where inflation increase are equivalent to what government hands out to nurses, police and firemen.

The money saved would go to a funded electoral system, all donations banned, all parties in parliament funded by savings made based on numbers of mps and newly elected house of lords, other savings used for job creation in parliament to help make the parliament more accessible to non family staff and open up parliament to people to attract new people in to system.

Parties to charge £1 only for membership for a year and all parties funded by parliament to due to number of elected seats in parliament.

All parties open up membership and selection to people in areas where they can do so.

The main plan is to get elected parties funding so they do not rely on a particular donor and their party policies are not called in to question through influence on the policy by donation and the police do not have be called in to investigate.

salman jafri

Karachi Qabza gangs

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Karachi qabza gangs will carry on until people in karachi use the power they have form the sindh government to end this qabza gangsterism.

When people who are scared run from a fight then obviously property will qabza, that qabza gangs win land especially if the government allows them to take the land when they reported the qabza to police.

Only those with army or police or political connections escape this qabza scam.

Pakistan to move forward needs proper laws and swift court action to remove qabza gangs forcing the police to move in on these qabza gangs. The government should enforce a law or use a law to help citizens to move courts to regain the land if the initial police approach for help fails.

The government of pakistan should have law which allow people who are not rich to seek police help and courts help in getting rid of qabza gangs. If someone cannot remove someone quickly who has forced that person to leave then the government should at laws that quicken and force police and courts to quickly move to remove people.  Within 1 week of complaint to the police or qabza, the person can go to courts and get a court order to remove the qabza if police fail to do so or fail register the case. The court should have the proper to get police moving on the qabza.

Police should always act first to take away qabza gangs and put in jail for a while. The less qabza gangs in pakistan, the better and any person in politics should help the person who has lost their property by illegal possession it should be under an act covering political parties in pakistan to govern the actions of all parties in the country.

If all else fails, people should contact their mna  or political representative for help. These should by law be obliged to help people in their area instead of  just being a person who won the ticket and therefore the seat in sindh assembly or parliament or city council.

salman jafri.

Written by mrsalmanjafri

31/05/2009 at 3:24 pm

Illegal broadcasting

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Thanks to the internet, people are able to broadcast illegal radio transmissions and soon tv stations will follow the internet path if they can find a suitable website to broadcast live feed instead of webcaming with justin tv, ustream and others.

I would like the government in the uk to regulate such broadcast over the internet to stop harassment, abusive, racist, religious hatred, sectrarian/ethnic hatred broadcast and also covering swearing by these illegal broadcasters.

Written by mrsalmanjafri

31/05/2009 at 3:06 pm

Facebook famous people

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I have seen so many people on facebook and people pretending to be the person on facebook its amazing.

There is preity zinta person who announces that she has broken up with ness wadia shame about that really ness should model indian zip up jumpers.

There are some fake pakistani tv anchor profiles on there. I did not even know who tabassum arif was even though i watch the news a lot in terms of most tv stations in pakistan and uk.

I would like the tv stations in pakistan to try and make sure their people look after their image and this would help asian stars to promote themselves money wise in getting  jobs for television and also this goes for asian stars generally.

Fake facebook profile dont help these stars in promoting themselves and getting huge fanclubs if the bloke who is running is faking putting up stuff on behalf of the stars.

A law in pakistan or most asians countries helping people on tv in terms of rights as stars on tv would help them with facebook and other things.

Fan clubs should be allowed to continue on facebook as that would help make fans for people on tv.

salman jafri

Written by mrsalmanjafri

31/05/2009 at 3:01 pm

Karachi idps

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Karachi letter re pakhtoon people who are in camps in nwfp.

I see this as a good opportunity for nwfp and all other provinces to have proper registration of their citizens.

The people in nwfp are always free to travel to any part of pakistan as long they are not interested in bombing or helping taliban.

I see people in nwfp as people who look for work like everyone for themselves and their families after the swat offensive.

I would request all parties to help the idps and take advantage of this situation and get new members for their parties this way and this will give jobs to people in swat as political parties activists and turn people away from taliban.

The people who come to karachi should be welcome as they are mohajirs from nwfp, just like the punjabis from punjab and balochis from balochistan who travel to sindh. Every person migrates from one place to another for work this is what is happening with the people from nwfp.

Any rural sindhi who migrates will always be called sindhi but they are migrating in reality to the cities for work.

So karachi should be a city where everyone is welcome and no taliban please.

I see at some point these ethnic groups like pakhtoons, mohajirs, sindhis, balochis, punjabis being called one thing not sindhis but pakistanis at a time living in karachi sindh pakistan.

For now i will settle for everyone becoming a sindhi in sindh as soon as  they come to sindh just like punjab if you goto punjab  and stay in punjab, your punjabi.

Written by mrsalmanjafri

30/05/2009 at 1:53 pm

Vauxhall and Opel UK and EU plant sales

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just a quick email, re opel and vauxhall

Can you plan ahead for sales of plants in the uk by magna instead of closures, please the government contact saburu, hyundai, proton, suzuki, mitsubishi and beijing to request if they are interested in purchasing the plants in uk and using the vauxhall name in uk to sell cars and vans. I just think magna will downsize anyway so the labour govt move to get interest in the plants in the uk and eu. thanks salman jafri

Written by mrsalmanjafri

29/05/2009 at 8:03 pm